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Adding some new options to support TRIPS ISA

Review Request #13 - Created April 28, 2010 and updated

Gou Pengfei
ali, nate
Make some changes to isa_parser to support TRIPS ISA. Most of this codes, like 'IntIQOperand', is intended to separate consumer IDs in TRIPS ISA from traditional register based idx.
Done some test to ensure these changes are not affecting function of original M5 models.
Posted (April 30, 2010, 1:52 a.m.)

src/arch/ (Diff revision 1)
Generally these seem mostly fine to me and the comments are probably useful, however I don't think they need a Date/Author. That information will be stored in the repository with the commit of the code.
src/arch/ (Diff revision 1)
What is phoenix?