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base: Clean up signal handling

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Andreas Sandberg
Changeset 9906:a64f74eb0d5a
base: Clean up signal handling

The PollEvent class dynamically installs a SIGIO and SIGALRM handler
when a file handler is registered. Most signal handlers currently get
registered in the initSignals() function. This changeset moves the
SIGIO/SIGALRM handlers to initSignals() to live with the other signal
handlers. The original code installs SIGIO and SIGALRM with the
SA_RESTART option to prevent syscalls from returning EINTR. This
changeset consistently uses this flag for all signal handlers to
ensure that other signals that trigger asynchronous behavior (e.g.,
statistics dumping) do not cause undesirable EINTR returns.
Ran on x86 with KVM. Verified that asynchronous sockets work (terminal).
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