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config: make M5_PATH a real search path

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Steve Reinhardt
Changeset 10559:ad009eb6579b
config: make M5_PATH a real search path

Although you can put a list of colon-separated directory names
in M5_PATH, the current code just takes the first one that
exists and assumes all files must live there.  This change
makes the code search the specified list of directories
for each individual binary or disk image that's requested.

The main motivation is that the x86/Alpha binaries and the
ARM binaries are in separate downloads, and thus naturally
end up in separate directories.  With this change, you can
have M5_PATH point to those two directories, then run any
FS regression test without changing M5_PATH.  Currently,
you either have to merge the two download directories
or change M5_PATH (or do something else I haven't figured out).

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