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sim: don't ignore SIG_TRAP

Review Request #3074 - Created Aug. 23, 2015 and submitted

Steve Reinhardt

Changeset 11062:fbce13fdad11
sim: don't ignore SIG_TRAP

By ignoring SIG_TRAP, using --debug-break <N> when not connected to
a debugger becomes a no-op. Apparently this was intended to be a
feature, though the rationale is not clear.

If we don't ignore SIG_TRAP, then using --debug-break <N> when not
connected to a debugger causes the simulation process to terminate
at tick N. This is occasionally useful, e.g., if you just want to
collect a trace for a specific window of execution then you can combine
this with --debug-start to do exactly that.

In addition to not ignoring the signal, this patch also updates
the --debug-break help message and deletes a handful of unprotected
calls to Debug::breakpoint() that relied on the prior behavior.

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