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mem: fix bug in packat access endianness changes

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Steve Reinhardt
Changeset 11282:2a1dc0a50a96
mem: fix bug in packat access endianness changes

The new Packet::setRaw() method incorrectly still contained
an htog() conversion.  As a result, calls to the old set()
method (now defined as setRaw(htog(v))) underwent two htog
conversions, which breaks things when htog() is not a no-op.

Interestingly the only test that caught this was a SPARC
boot test, where an IsaFake device with a non-zero return
value was getting swapped twice resulting in a register
getting loaded with 0x100000000000000 instead of 1.
(Good reason for keeping SPARC around, perhaps?)

Passes full regressions, makes build/SPARC/tests/opt/long/fs/80.solaris-boot/sparc/solaris/t1000-simple-atomic test pass (with updates).

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