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ext: DT autogeneration - Add PyFtd to m5 space

Review Request #3390 - Created March 17, 2016 and discarded

Andreas Sandberg
Changeset 11378:f825330776e5
ext: DT autogeneration - Add PyFtd to m5 space

This patch adds to the m5.ext module. This is used in
succeeding patches for generating and editing dtb files and flat
device trees for DT autogeneration.

The file is in the m5_root/src/python/m5/ext directory, as opposed to
the m5_root/ext, because this library is part of the m5 object space
and linking to the m5_root/ext directory from the SConscript file in
src/python can not be done reliably. Linking from the root level
SConscript is also not an option, because it doesn't have the PySource
method defined.

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Commit: accbcd254584c9295a18878d32999d0c7c156f8e
Version: 0.3

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Updated (June 20, 2016, 7:42 a.m.)

Status: Discarded