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ruby: use ENTRY* instead of ENTRY for TBETable

Review Request #3417 - Created April 4, 2016 and updated

Brandon Potter
Changeset 11419:9f0dee0a0669
ruby: use ENTRY* instead of ENTRY for TBETable

We need to provide the TBE with the size of a cache block so that it
can allocate a data block of that size. But it is not possible to do so
while the TBE is being constructed since SLICC does not allow defining
constructors with arguments.

So, the function that allocates an entry in the TBETable cannot assign it
since that would call on the assignment operator on the DataBlock which will
try to copy data from an unallocated data buffer to an unallocated data
buffer. We avoid this call to the assignment operator for the DataBlock by
using ENTRY* in TBETable.