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ruby: remove the SubBlock class

Review Request #3419 - Created April 4, 2016 and updated

Brandon Potter
Changeset 11421:004c06dd157a
ruby: remove the SubBlock class

The SubBlock class was added with AMD's recent GPU patches. However, it does
not provide anything new that the DataBlock class does not already provide
so we remove it here.

The change requires tracking the address for the DataBlock more closely
and a few new parameters in a couple of functions.

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Posted (April 11, 2016, 12:08 p.m.)

From what I can tell this affect only the ruby tester. Is this true?

  1. Yes, it only affects the ruby tester.

    Everything that referenced the SubBlock class is contained in this patch; with the patch applied, there's no SubBlock in the gem5 source anymore.