# Node ID 8d55f7299d8af4496d99c54e7bfe4f7d3d882117 # Parent 038751298a2f1160ba2bd27df18991ecb5700267 diff --git a/src/mem/protocol/RubySlicc_Exports.sm b/src/mem/protocol/RubySlicc_Exports.sm --- a/src/mem/protocol/RubySlicc_Exports.sm +++ b/src/mem/protocol/RubySlicc_Exports.sm @@ -222,6 +222,7 @@ // you cannot use anything other than the ones defined here. Also, a protocol // can have only one state machine for a given type. enumeration(MachineType, desc="...", default="MachineType_NULL") { + L0Cache, desc="L0 Cache Mach"; L1Cache, desc="L1 Cache Mach"; L2Cache, desc="L2 Cache Mach"; L3Cache, desc="L3 Cache Mach";