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tests: Add test infrastructure as a Python module

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Andreas Sandberg
Changeset 11472:23a195434229
tests: Add test infrastructure as a Python module

Implement gem5's test infrastructure as a Python module and a run
script that can be used without scons. The new implementation has
several features that were lacking from the previous test
infrastructure such as support for multiple output formats, automatic
runtime tracking, and better support for being run in a cluster

Tests consist of one or more steps (TestUnit). Units are run in two
stages, the first a run stage and then a verify stage. Units in the
verify stage are automatically skipped if any unit run stage wasn't
run. The library currently contains TestUnit implementations that run
gem5, diff stat files, and diff output files.

Existing tests are implemented by the ClassicTest class and "just
work". New tests can that don't rely on the old "run gem5 once and
diff output" strategy can be implemented by subclassing the Test base
class or ClassicTest.

Test results can be output in multiple formats. The module currently
supports JUnit, text (short and verbose), and Python's pickle
format. JUnit output allows CI systems to automatically get more
information about test failures. The pickled output contains all state
necessary to reconstruct a tests results object and is mainly intended
for the build system and CI systems.

Since many JUnit parsers parsers assume that test suite names look
like Java package names. We currently output path-like names with
slashes separating components. Test names are translated according to
these rules:

  * '.' -> '-"
  * '/' -> '.'

The test tool,, supports the following features:

  * Test listing. Example: ./ list arm/quick

  * Running tests. Example:
    ./ run -o output.pickle --format pickle \
        ../build/ARM/gem5.opt \

  * Displaying pickled results. Example:
    ./ show --format summary *.pickle

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Signed-off-by: Andreas Sandberg <>
Reviewed-by: Curtis Dunham <>

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