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syscall_emul: [patch 7/22] remove numCpus method

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Brandon Potter
Changeset 11695:b71b3bd60a70
syscall_emul: [patch 7/22] remove numCpus method

The numCpus method is misleading in that it's not really a measure of
how many CPUs might be executing a process, but how many thread contexts
are assigned to the process at any given point in time.

It's nice to highlight this distinction because thread contexts are never
reused in the same way that a CPU can be reused for multiple processes.
The reason that there is no reuse is that there is no CPU scheduler for SE.

The tru64 code intends to use this method and the accompanying contextIDs
field to support SMT and track the number of threads with some system calls.
With the up coming clone and exec patches, this paradigm must change. There
needs to be a 1:1 mapping between the thread contexts and processes so that
the process state between threads is allowed to vary when needed by Linux.
This should not break SMT for tru64 if the Process class is refactored so that
multiple Processes can share state between themselves. The following patches
will do the refactoring incrementally as features are added.


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