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syscall_emul: [patch 10/22] refactor fdentry and add fdarray class

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Brandon Potter
Changeset 11717:7f3bf41cce5c
syscall_emul: [patch 10/22] refactor fdentry and add fdarray class

Several large changes happen in this patch.

The FDEntry class is rewritten so that file descriptors now correspond to
types: 'Regular' which is normal file-backed file with the file open on the
host machine, 'Pipe' which is a pipe that has been opened on the host machine,
and 'Device' which does not have an open file on the host yet acts as a pseudo
device with which to issue ioctls. Other types which might be added in the
future are directory entries and sockets (off the top of my head).

The FDArray class was create to hold most of the file descriptor handling
that was stuffed into the Process class. It uses shared pointers and
the std::array type to hold the FDEntries mentioned above. The implementation
could use a review; I feel that there's some room for improvement, but it
seems like a decent first step.

The changes to these two classes needed to be propagated out to the rest
of the code so there were quite a few changes for that. Also, comments were
added where I thought they were needed to help others and extend our
DOxygen coverage.


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