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python: Move native wrappers to the _m5 namespace

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Andreas Sandberg
Changeset 11770:2b19202c9727
python: Move native wrappers to the _m5 namespace

Swig wrappers for native objects currently share the _m5.internal name
space with Python code. This is undesirable if we ever want to switch
from Swig to some other framework for native binding (e.g., PyBind11
or Boost::Python). This changeset moves all of such wrappers to the
_m5 namespace, which is now reserved for native code.

Change-Id: I2d2bc12dbc05b57b7c5a75f072e08124413d77f3
Signed-off-by: Andreas Sandberg <>
Reviewed-by: Curtis Dunham <>

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