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base: Refactor logging to make log level selection cleaner

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Andreas Sandberg
Changeset 11875:aee0628e5698
base: Refactor logging to make log level selection cleaner

It's currently possible to change the log level in gem5 by tweaking a
set of global variables. These variables are currently exposed to
Python using SWIG. This mechanism is far from ideal for two reasons:
First, changing the log level requires that the Python world enables
or disables individual levels. Ideally, this should be a single call
where a log level is selected. Second, exporting global variables is
poorly supported by most Python frameworks. SWIG puts variables in
their own namespace and PyBind doesn't seem to support it at all.

This changeset refactors the logging code to create a more abstract
interface. Each log level is associated with an instance of a Logger
class. This class contains common functionality, an enable flag, and a
verbose flag.

Available LogLevels are described by the LogLevel class. Lower log
levels are used for more critical messages (PANIC being level 0) and
higher levels for less critical messages. The highest log level that
is printed is controlled by calling Logger:setLevel().

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