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gpu-compute: Fix Python/C++ object hierarchy discrepancies

Review Request #3824 - Created Feb. 21, 2017 and discarded

Andreas Sandberg
Changeset 11878:b0a4f3815b55
gpu-compute: Fix Python/C++ object hierarchy discrepancies

The GPUCoalescer and the Shader classes have different base classes in
C++ and Python. This causes subtle bugs in SWIG and compilation errors
for PyBind.

Change-Id: I1ddd2a8ea43f083470538ddfea891347b21d14d8
Reviewed-by: Andreas Hansson <>


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Ship it!
Posted (March 2, 2017, 8:52 a.m.)

Not sure why this patch now shows as discarded, but please ship it.

  1. I discarded it and moved it to gerrit ( since it didn't have any ship it at the time. Could you add your ship it there as well so it is kept in the review record?