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m5: added work completed monitoring support

Review Request #398 - Created Jan. 6, 2011 and submitted

Brad Beckmann
ali, gblack, nate, stever
m5: added work completed monitoring support

Posted (Jan. 6, 2011, 10:13 p.m.)
What are these new pseudo instructions and script options for? I don't remember these being mentioned before. You should NOT check in the m5.disableAllListeners() line.
  1. This patch tracks work items for those benchmarks that have had their work items annotated.  The disableAllListeners line should not have been included.  Sorry about that.
configs/common/ (Diff revision 1)
What are these for? Their descriptions aren't very helpful. If they only do something for x86 it seems wrong that they're displayed for every ISA.
  1. The are not x86 specific at all.  They can be used by any workload/ISA combination.
configs/example/ (Diff revision 1)
This line should -NOT- be checked in.
src/sim/system.hh (Diff revision 1)
Member variables use camelCase, not underscores. What is active_cpus tracking? Don't we already have an idea of CPUs being active or quiesced?
src/sim/system.hh (Diff revision 1)
function name goes on the start of the next line.