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bus: clean up default responder code.

Review Request #76 - Created July 29, 2010 and submitted

Steve Reinhardt
bus: clean up default responder code.
Clean up some minor things left over from the default responder
change in rev 9af6fb59752f.  Mostly renaming the 'responder_set'
param to 'use_default_range' to actually reflect what it does...
old name wasn't that descriptive in the first place, but now
it really doesn't make sense at all.

Also got rid of the bogus obsolete assignment to 'bus.responder'
which used to be a parameter but now is interpreted as an
implicit child assignment, and which was giving me problems in
the config restructuring to come.  (A good argument for not
allowing implicit child assignments, IMO, but that's water under
the bridge, I'm afraid.)

Also moved the Bus constructor to the .cc file since that's
where it should have been all along.

Ship it!
Posted (July 29, 2010, 3 p.m.)