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x86: revamp cmpxchg8b/cmpxchg16b implementation

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Steve Reinhardt
Changeset 11308:17f6da8cf97c
x86: revamp cmpxchg8b/cmpxchg16b implementation

The previous implementation did a pair of nested RMW operations,
which isn't compatible with the way that locked RMW operations are
implemented in the cache models.  It was convenient though in that
it didn't require any new micro-ops, and supported cmpxchg16b using
64-bit memory ops.  It also worked in AtomicSimpleCPU where
atomicity was guaranteed by the core and not by the memory system.
It did not work with timing CPU models though.

This new implementation defines new 'split' load and store micro-ops
which allow a single memory operation to use a pair of registers as
the source or destination, then uses a single ldsplit/stsplit RMW
pair to implement cmpxchg.  This patch requires support for 128-bit
memory accesses in the ISA (added via a separate patch) to support

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